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A Garden for every Heart's Desire

Starting a new landscape? Want to renovate or refresh your garden? Call Garden Artistry to schedule an on-site consultation. Let us provide you with an inspired landscape solution!

  • rain gardens
  • foundation plantings
  • historical garden renovation
  • pergolas, trellises, arbors, fences
  • patio, walls, walks, paths
  • labyrinths
  • medicine wheel gardens
  • sanctuary/secret gardens
  • meditation gardens
  • herb gardens & parterres
  • four-season gardens
  • shade gardens
  • cottage gardens
  • public gardens
  • atriums & interior spaces
  • seasonal planters

Garden Artistry is available to undertake residential and commercial landscape design projects in Westchester and the surrounding region, including Putnam, Rockland, Connecticuit, New York City and northern New Jersey.

Garden Artistry offers a range of landscape design services:

  • On-Site Consultations
  • Site Analysis
  • Concept Diagrams
  • Master Plans with Plant List
  • Construction Detail Drawings
  • Presentation and Display Drawings
  • Nursery Plant Selection
  • Project Supervision (Design Installation Supervision)
  • After-care Instructions
  • Seasonal Horticultural Consultations - read more here
  • Garden Tutoring (Hands-on Personalized Training) - read more here
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The Landscape Design Process

Consultation: Our initial consultation is the first chance I get to see your property and to gather detailed information about what you want to achieve. It usually lasts about 90 minutes. The fee is $125. If you are uncertain about the financial commitment of hiring a landscape design professional, you can still use a consultation to help identify possibilities and solutions that you can implement yourself.

Design Proposal: After our initial consultation meeting, I will create a proposal that outlines the general goals of your project, scope of work, expected time frame to complete the Master Plans (typically requires 3-4 weeks from initial agreement) and the design fee & payment schedule.

Site Analysis: Before presenting a design, I undertake an on-site survey of existing landscape features, plants and built-in structures such as decks and walls. This includes analysis of light & shade, drainage issues and problem spots as well as detailed measurements of project area. I also give you a Client Questionnaire to help clarify tastes, needs and desires.

Design Deliverables: I first present you with a series of Concept Diagrams which outline the general features, placements circulation patterns, view sheds and so forth envisioned for your landscape. Sometimes these are accompanied by elevation renderings, as well. After agreement on the concept is reached, we will also discuss plant materials so that my selections will properly reflect your likes and dislikes. Finally, I produce a set of Master Plans, including the layout of beds and hardscape features, a complete planting plan and detailed plant list.

Plant Installation: Garden Artistry typically works with qualified professional landscape installation companies who purchase, deliver and install plant materials according to the outlined phases of the Master Plan. I provide you with referrals to recommended installation contractors (or you may use your own preference.) During the installation project bidding process, I am available to help answer contractor questions about the design and typically provide on-site reviews (walk-arounds) of the plans.

Nursery Plant Selection: I like to accompany the installation contractor during plant purchasing as this allows me to ensure the correct plant materials in the best possible health are selected, and when required I can make appropriate plant substitution selections on-the-spot that will harmonize with the overall design scheme.

Design Supervision: I am available to provide on-site supervision during all phases of construction to ensure that work is proceeding according to the Master Plan, and to answer any design and installation questions from your contractors which might arise. While on-site, I represent the client (you) and look out for your best interests.

After Care: The plants that I have chosen for your design will be appropriate to your property. Since the plants will be installed with utmost care, they should thrive! I will provide you with a detailed care guide for your plants and can also be hired to give hands-on instruction. (Note: be sure to clearly understand the plant warrantees and conditions provided by your installation contractor, just in case.)

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Seasonal Horticultural Consultations

Garden Artistry is now providing a seasonal consultation service to keep your landscape "tuned-up" and in top form. I come to your site three times a year (in the Spring, in early to mid Summer, and in the Fall) to examine and review your garden beds. The goal is to detect problems early, and to provide solutions. For example, in the Spring, it's a great time to re-examine your beds to determine the need for plant replacements due to age or winter damage. It's also a time to discuss division and re-location of perennials. In the Summer, a visit can be geared towards figuring out how to extend garden color via a succession of bloom times, or to solve specific disease/insect problems. In the Fall, issues of garden clean up, 4 season design, perennial division and new bed expansion might be covered.

Garden Tutoring & Landscape Design Theory

You can also engage me in a program of one-on-one, hands-on personalized training, ranging from perennial care (preparing beds, selection, planting, dead-heading, dividing, etc.) and shrub care (pruning, fertilization, etc.) to hardscape design and storm water management. Or perhaps you're interested in discussing the structure and layout of your garden? Maybe you'd like tutorials covering topics such as landscape design theory and history? Contact me so that we can discuss your needs and formulate a personalized training program to fit.

For trade professionals, I also provide consultation and training in using the computer as a tool in your daily landscape design workflow. Contact me for details.

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